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What is the Best Rated Acoustical Smoke Vent?

Is your building design using the industry’s best acoustical smoke vents? 

Now it can with the new AcousticMAX™!

Rooftop smoke vents are an important part of any building as they allow smoke and heat to escape during a fire. Made from high-quality materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, acoustic smoke vents are designed to block the intrusion of the exterior environmental noise of your building. These vents may be easily installed on commercial roof systems, may be customized to fit your specific needs, and are easy to maintain and keep clean. Acoustic smoke vents are perfect for theaters and performing arts centers.

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Integrating Access Doors for Function & Design

Have you ever had the sensation of seeing a particular thing everywhere after noticing it for the first time? It often happens after you purchase a new car. You never noticed before, but now you see your car model everywhere. Much the same could be said for access doors and panels. Many of our team members, prior to working in the commercial building industry, took access doors for granted. Now, as industry professionals, they notice them in hotels, businesses, hospitals, universities, malls, and more—they’re everywhere! Even though they aren’t sexy like Renaissance architecture or beautiful like marble flooring, they are necessary components of buildings and in many cases, purposely intended to be part of a hidden design that blends seamlessly with the architecture.

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Building Codes and Specifying Roof Hatches

Commercial building roof hatch or scuttle products provide safe and convenient access up to roof areas. Understanding roof access hatch styles, applications and codes helps architects, specifiers, contractors, and building owners specify the right product, in the right place, while staying building code and safety compliant.

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