Must Reads for Specifiers

A Comprehensive Guide to Blogs & Websites

As a specifier, you play a crucial role in the design and construction industry. Whether you're specifying materials, creating project documentation, or researching building standards, it's essential to have reliable resources at your fingertips. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we've compiled a list of the top blogs and websites for specifiers based on our opinion, listed in alphabetical order. These platforms offer a wealth of information, from technical specifications and industry news to design inspiration and community engagement.

1. ArchDaily

ArchDaily is one of the most popular architecture websites globally, providing a vast collection of projects, news, and articles. Specifiers can find inspiration from award-winning architectural designs, learn about innovative materials, and explore the latest trends in construction. ArchDaily is a go-to resource for anyone seeking architectural inspiration and industry news.

2. Archinect

Archinect is an online platform that connects architects, designers, and specifiers. It offers industry news, job listings, and a community forum for discussions. The Archinect blog features articles on architectural trends, design theory, and interviews with industry professionals. Specifiers can use Archinect to stay updated on the latest developments in architecture.

3. Architecture Today

Architecture Today is a UK-based architecture magazine and website that focuses on contemporary design and construction. It features articles on architectural projects, design reviews, and industry insights. Specifiers can explore a wide range of architectural content, from residential to commercial projects.

4. Architizer

Architizer is another leading platform for architectural design and inspiration. It features projects from architects and designers worldwide, offering a visual showcase of cutting-edge designs. Specifiers can find case studies, product guides, and insights into contemporary architectural trends. Architizer's rich visual content makes it an excellent resource for inspiration and reference.

5. BIMsmith

BIMsmith is a platform that offers Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools and resources. It allows specifiers to explore, create, and manage BIM content. The BIMsmith blog features articles on BIM best practices, case studies, and software tutorials. It's an excellent source for those who want to stay current with the latest digital tools in the construction industry.

6. Conspectus

As the nation's largest independent specifications consulting firm, Conspectus is a comprehensive resource for professionals in the construction and architectural industries.  The Conspectus blog delves into industry trends, best practices, and expert commentary on a wide range of topics relevant to architects, engineers, and construction managers. Whether you're looking for the latest updates in construction technology or guidance on project documentation, the Conspectus blog is a must-read destination.

7. CSI (Construction Specifications Institute)

CSI is a hub for construction specifications and product information. Their website provides resources on building codes, industry standards, and certification programs. The CSI blog covers topics like project management, specification writing, and the latest industry trends. If you're a specifier seeking to deepen your knowledge of construction documentation, CSI is a must-visit resource.

8. Life of an Architect

Life of an Architect is a blog and biweekly podcast by architect Bob Borson that offers a personal perspective on architecture and design. The blog covers a wide range of topics, including architectural practice, design philosophy, and career advice. Specifiers can gain insights into the daily life of an architect and find inspiration for their projects.

9. Reddit Architecture

Reddit Architecture is a vibrant online community where architects, designers, and specifiers come together to discuss various topics. From design concepts to industry news, Reddit Architecture offers a space for sharing ideas and seeking advice. Specifiers can engage with other professionals, ask questions, and stay connected to the architectural community.

10. RIB Speclink

RIB Speclink is a leading provider of construction specification software. It offers tools for creating and managing project specifications, making it an invaluable resource for specifiers. The Speclink blog for the latest insights, industry trends, expert tips and best practices to inspire your construction projects. Specifiers can benefit from the platform's focus on construction documentation and project management.

11. The Architect's Newspaper

The Architect's Newspaper is a leading source for architectural news and events in North America. It covers industry trends, design innovations, and construction updates. Specifiers can find valuable information on architectural events, new projects, and product releases. The Architect's Newspaper is a great resource for staying informed about the latest happenings in the architecture and construction industry.

12. USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council)

USGBC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable building practices. It is the driving force behind the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. The USGBC blog discusses advocacy and policy, education, events. LEED, industry and more. Specifiers interested in environmentally friendly practices can find a wealth of information on this platform and in its blog.

These blogs and websites provide a comprehensive range of resources for specifiers, from technical specifications to design inspiration. Whether you're seeking industry news, BIM tools, or community engagement, these platforms have you covered. Explore these resources to stay informed, inspired, and connected within the architecture and construction industry.


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