5 Vital Safety Products for Commercial Buildings

Ensuring Workplace Safety - How Nystrom Can Help

In today's fast-paced world, safety is a paramount concern for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. Ensuring the well-being of everyone within a building, whether it's a workplace, commercial space, or public facility, is of utmost importance. That's where Nystrom steps in to lend a helping hand with a wide range of safety solutions designed to protect, guide, and enhance the overall safety experience.

1. Entrance Flooring Systems: The First Line of Defense

Entrance flooring systems play a crucial role in ensuring safety in various buildings and facilities. As the first line ofMQ38E-FSAM defense against dirt, moisture, and debris brought in from outside, these specialized flooring solutions help prevent slip and trip hazards, particularly during adverse weather conditions. By effectively trapping and containing contaminants at the entryway, entrance flooring systems reduce the likelihood of slippery surfaces, offering a secure footing for visitors and occupants. Moreover, they help maintain the cleanliness of interior spaces, preventing the spread of pollutants that could compromise indoor air quality. From commercial buildings to public facilities, the implementation of robust entrance flooring systems not only enhances safety but also contributes to a welcoming and hygienic environment for all.

2. Safety Railings and Gratings: Enhancing Security and Accessibility

Fall protection products designed for roof hatches and floor hatches are essential safety measures in Roof Hatch Safety Railing-Floor Door Safety Grate (1)-1commercial buildings, providing crucial protection for workers and maintenance personnel accessing elevated areas. These products, such as safety railings, gates, and guardrails, are specifically engineered to prevent accidental falls and ensure compliance with safety regulations. By creating a secure barrier around hatch openings, they significantly reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls, which are common hazards in elevated workspaces. Additionally, fall protection products promote a safe work environment, instilling confidence in employees as they carry out maintenance, inspections, or repairs on rooftops or upper floors. The integration of these safety solutions safeguards the welfare of workers and reduces liability for building owners, underscoring the dedication to placing safety at the forefront of concerns in commercial buildings.

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3. Safeguarding Commercial Spaces: Role of Fire-Rated Access Doors 

Fire-rated access doors are vital components that enhance safety in commercial buildings, offering crucial protection against the spread of fire and smoke. These specially designed doors are constructed with fire-resistant Fire-Rated Access Door materials, ensuring that they can withstand high temperatures and prevent flames from advancing into restricted areas. In the event of a fire outbreak, fire-rated access doors act as barriers, compartmentalizing those building areas and limiting the spread of fire, allowing occupants more time to safely evacuate. Their ability to contain fire and smoke helps prevent further damage to property and crucial infrastructure, minimizing the risk of potential injuries or fatalities. By meeting stringent fire safety standards, fire-rated access doors provide peace of mind to building owners, managers, and occupants, making them an indispensable safety feature in any commercial establishment.

4. Smoke Vents: Securing Rooftop Safety

Smoke vents play a critical role in ensuring safety within commercial buildings during fire emergencies. These smoke ventessential devices are strategically placed to release smoke and heat from the building, allowing for effective smoke control and improved visibility for occupants and emergency responders. By venting smoke to the outside, smoke vents help create a clear escape route for people evacuating the premises, reducing the risk of smoke inhalation and facilitating a faster, safer evacuation. Additionally, the venting of smoke helps prevent the buildup of toxic gases, improving the overall air quality within the building during a fire incident. Integrating smoke vents into a building's fire safety system not only complies with safety regulations but also enhances the chances of successful fire suppression and rescue operations, making them a crucial element in safeguarding lives and property in commercial settings.

5. Luminous Egress Products: Safety in the Dark

Luminous egress products play a crucial role in enhancing safety within commercial buildings, especially during emergencies and low-light conditions. These innovative products, including photoluminescent exit signs, stair treads, handrails, and path markings, are designed to emit a glow after exposure to ambient light. In the event of a power outage or fire incident, luminous egress products serve as reliable wayfinding aids, guiding occupants towards emergency exits and safe evacuation routes. Their self-illuminating properties eliminate the need for electricity or batteries, ensuring consistent visibility even in the darkest conditions. By providing clear and visible markings, luminous egress products minimize confusion and panic during evacuations, helping occupants reach safety swiftly and efficiently. In commercial buildings where the safety of occupants is of utmost importance, the integration of these luminous solutions is a proactive measure that instills confidence and readiness for any emergency situation.



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Safety is a core value at Nystrom, and our comprehensive range of safety solutions reflects that commitment. From entrance flooring systems to fire protection, luminous egress products, and more, we strive to enhance the safety and security of buildings across various industries. With Nystrom as your safety partner, you can rest assured that you have a reliable and experienced team by your side to address your safety needs effectively.

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